Monday, 9 April 2012

**Downloading YouTube vids**

I've blogged on this before and I repeat as before: you can legitimately access/utilise brief clips of copyright material under the 'fair usage' doctrine.

There are other materials than existing music vids you may want to access: a group member may have uploaded a rough cut/behind-the-scenes vid and you won't see them for a day or so. I've downlaoded some of your Eval draft vids so I can re-upload to my channel. How?

Using Downloadhelper within the Firefox browser, or the within Safari on a Mac; see and (just google 'rip youtube video' for more ideas)

There can be glitches (which led me to post this!): Asa's draft EvalQ3 vid, for example, stumped Downloadhelper, but I got it by using Safari's Activity window (and then running it through FLV Crunch on my Macbook to convert the .flv file to .mp4). You can see it below.

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