Sunday, 16 October 2016


My starting point for this is a Guardian article listing a number of apps on either or both of the two main mobile platforms. Some of these are about recommending new music, including apps that act as a plug-in to major apps like Spotify or Apple Music, others about alerting you to gigs by bands you're listening to, yet more about generating UGC/fan-made videos like lipdubs.
Two of the featured apps

My inspiration for sharing these - and I'd hugely welcome recommendations of further sites, apps or programmes I'm currently oblivious to, for sharing here - is linked to the website or digipak more than the video or Eval Qs (tho wi a bit of wit, you could easily utilise these in the same manner I'm going to suggest...).

The various music streaming companies, major and minor, and any music related app or outfit, utilise acts as both partners (offering equity [shares]) and for promotional exclusives (you can only get artist x here...).

So ... your site, and possibly your digipak, could reflect just such a TIE-IN deal, pushing one or more apps. Multi-platforming an artist's work can also be a smart move, so looking to create embeddable playlists on various (or just one) platform/s, promoting a 'fan-made' lipdub (see the Guardian list!) - whatever, in short it would help evidence your grasp of the changing industry to embrace multiple apps including one or more lesser known examples, which also helpfully overlaps with the whole area of audience engagement.

You could also investigate these for more data on genre or artist audiences...

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