Wednesday, 11 January 2017

FCPX: layering within a body

So long as you have a reasonably plain colour background you can achieve an advanced layering technique. The thought came to mind watching the original video for Sophie/Bronwen/Kristian's change of track, Bullet For My Valentine's Throne, as illustrated in the screenshot below:
Adel used this technique in her 2017 video;

It was easy to find both official Apple and user guides for this with a clear search phrase, something you should bear in mind whenever you see any FX you think you'd like to use. FCPX has its limitations, but it is still a very powerful tool.
I'll do a guide myself if I get time, but if you can ignore the 1D soundtrack, this kid did a decent job at explaining the process:

I've not yet looked into this in any great detail - you may find you need to research further. The key term is compositing - see this google for more:


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