Wednesday, 15 November 2017

MUSIC VIDEO getting set up in Final Cut

Steps for editing sample scene:
  1. FILE>NEW>LIBRARY (eg Jasper Smiths, and rename the EVENT that defaults to the date as name).
  2. CMD+N for new project file (eg Jasper Smiths sample1).
  3. If you've backed up/shared any footage on the Media drive, copy to the Movies folder and import to FCPX from there - DON'T directly import from the Media drive.
  4. You should save footage in specific folders - drag these from Finder to the event and let go; they'll import AND add keys (tags) which means you can narrow down the clips you're through to ones just from it. You might get a message saying 'can't import [these files] - click CONTINUE; the video files will import.
  5. You need your track audio: rip the video and import it (move from Downloads to Movies before importing)
  6. Select in FCPX, W to add to timeline.
  7. Right-click: detach audio.
  8. EDIT>INSERT PLACEHOLDER, with the playhead at the very start so this now goes first.    Move the audio layer so its connected to the placeholder.
  9. Delete the video layer.
  10. You're ready to go....

Remember, for sharing or backup, your footage, event/s, project file/s - ALL go into the Library. If you want to backup your work its the LIBRARY you need to copy (usually therefore a large file - which is why a portable hard drive is so helpful to own).

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