Sunday, 5 July 2015

Best laptop for a student to buy?

Another TechRadar list, with the advantage that they keep updating such lists.
The 13" Macbook Pro features in there - a word of caution. I've edited two 90 minute documentary films, one on a 13" and one on a 15" Mac Pro. I ended up in physiotherapy after scrunching over the 13" for several intensive weeks of near non-stop editing; the screen size necessitates constant zooming in and out and resizing Final Cut windows.
The 15" does too! If you're able to connect to a monitor at home, do so! The portable screen expander I blogged on yesterday might be a big help too (haven't tried one out myself).
The 13" is MUCH better value than the 15", but that small screen size is a big issue for video/image editing!
I've blogged separately on Macbooks - just make sure you get minimum 8GB of RAM!
Article link below the line
TechRadar's best laptops for students round-up.

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