Saturday, 4 July 2015

DSLR buying guides

It's just one among many, but I like the fact that the TechRadar reviews are kept well updated. Links below the line
UPDATE:  I've gathered quite a few recent (2015) lists of recommended DLSRs, including some focussed specifically on video quality, below...

There are lots of models featured in the lists below, and very different price ranges featured. Nikon and Canon dominate the lists. The Sony A58s I bought a year ago have been pretty good, but like so many they do striggle to retain a sharp focus in the shot once you start panning.

They have come down from £500 to about £250, worth considering! Here's a price comparison list.

I'm looking into the GoPro (4) as a likely option just now - not just affordable, but well featured, exceptionally robust, and video seems decent... (Amazon UK: £264)

TechRadar's Best DSLRs of 2015 round up. These include high end models costing £000s.
TechRadar DSLR round-up. These roughly fall into the £500-£1000 range
TechRadar's budget DSLR guide: These roughly range from £200 to £500.

(Further links copied from their site)
WireCutter - particularly keen on the Nikon D3300 (about £400), also frequently updated.

CNET - the Nikon D3300 also features on their list of entry level DSLRs, topped by a slightly more expensive Nikon. - this is the one thats most caught my eye as it offers some future-proofing; the GoPro looks an interesting option

WhatDigitalCamera - a wide list, priced from £400-£2k+, with Sony, Pentax and Canon amongst the brands listed

ProVideo Coalition - interesting - stresses that only 'real DSLRs' are considered! Expensive Canon, Nikon and Pentax models all feature. - Nikons domoninate in range of price categories

EOSHD - a lengthy list pitched at professionals and prosumers, including some high end models

StarkInsider - great resource, as the writer provides a series of clips he's done through his professional video work to demonstrate the cameras he's recommending, and the budget varies. Canon, Sony, Panasonic (my past experience and reading puts me off this brand I'll flag up), and ... BlackMagic, a new one on me!

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