Friday, 19 February 2016

USEFUL TECHNOLOGIES: Infographics tools

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An infographic is a great way to combine image and text (especially numbers) - and you needn't spend hours in Photoshop to do so...

Below you can find links to some reviews and sites which offer free infographic-building tools.

Useful at any stage, but especially for the Evaluation.

You could create an infographic to...

  • present a summary/snapshot of audience feedback,
  • explain the concentration of ownership in the film, press or music industries,
  • illustrate your influences and intertextualities,
  • illustrate a convention,
  • highlight the range of technologies used 
  • etc!!!
Here's an example of an infographic you could adapt to evidence and showcase your research into + knowledge of the music industry - you could take a similar approach for film ...


It couldn't be easier...
SEARCH TERMS: 'tools for infographics'

16 free tools

CreativeBlog 10 free tools;

JeffBullas: 20 tools;

Venngage: infographic builder;

Canva: drag-and-drop infographic builder.

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