Wednesday, 17 February 2016

USEFUL TECHNOLOGIES: Cloud storage and sharing documents

An aspect of working in groups (or with an existing act, as with the 2015-16 Sly Antics production at IGS) to consider is the ability to share and collaborate on documents.

You already have that capacity with GoogleDocs (part of your Google package with Photos, Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Calendars...), and could consider the likes of DropBox or Microsoft's interesting offer (especially cheap for students) of 1TB cloud storage with an annual Office365 subscription [Luxembourg link, in French; UK student link; choose country] (which I'll be taking up myself with a variety of PCs and Macs that I work across).

Here's a couple of round-up reviews to help you:

CNET look at the main players.
Obviously these figures are subject to change

PCAdvisor's round-up.
The magazine site provides a summary of a wide range of options, including several you probably won't have heard of!

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