Friday, 19 February 2016

USEFUL TECHNOLOGIES: Prezi + other PowerPoint alternatives

When evaluating your work, you need to comment and reflect on your own use of technology, including in the Evaluation itself; you are marked on your use of technology - and on how creatively you have used a variety of technologies.

So, whilst you may wish to upload a PowerPoint to slideshare (or equivalent), you would be advised to think of alternatives too.

Prezi is probably the best known interactive multimedia alternative; you build your Prezi through its website and get an embed code. It provides options for a pre-programmed route through your content and/or manual control and selection by the user, and can feature embedded videos etc.

There is a Prezi YouTube channel - their playlist is embedded below - if you prefer, they also provide web pages to guide you.

An example of a Prezi - underneath this you can see the options you get when embedding; manual control can be blocked or allowed!

There are many more to choose from, including iPad and mobile apps.

PowToon lists 5 very user-friendly options, such as Haiku Deck and RawShorts.

This Mashable post suggests 5 more, including Projeqt:
Non-linear presentation platform Projeqt, aside from combining responsive design and an intuitive user interface with a real-time twist, provides an easy way to pull material from multiple sources and insert it straight into your presentation. From LinkedIn and Facebook to YouTube and Spotify, the possibilities are endless. Even pull live tweets or blog feeds.

5 not enough? This CustomShow link overviews 27 options!

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